All students live with Costa Rica families as part of the course. Families are carefully selected through a screening process at the Institute. The intention is to provide students with as much of an immersion experience into Costa Rica culture as possible. We recognize that this aspect of the program is likely to cause the most worry to students as they contemplate participating in the program.

The homestay is the “immersion” part of the course. Living with a Costa Rican family will be probably one of the most intense experiences you’ll have. Learn about your family, enjoy them, share with them. They have opened their home to you!
Many of the families have English-speaking members. Students will take Spanish lessons at the Institute in order to communicate with their families and friends. Therefore, many Costa Rican families will only speak Spanish to aid in the learning process.

Students are placed with families based on a homestay questionnaire. The questionnaire involves personal questions such as eating and sleeping habits or wanting children in their family. Based on your answers, a suitable match is arranged. Honesty is vital in order to have a successful experience. If accepted into the program, you’ll be required to complete a homestay questionnaire and send it to the Monteverde Institute.

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