What to Bring

We will be visiting Monteverde during the rainy season which means it will be raining probably every day for part of the day. It will also be sunny and warm for part of every day. But it is important for you to remember the Monteverde is above 5000’ elevation which means it can be rainy, misty and cool at any time of the year. You will not be living in the sweltering tropics! Be prepared for wet, chilly, muddy weather. We suggest that you bring clothing that can be layered to be prepared to meet all of the weather conditions. You will be walking a lot, so durable comfortable shoes are important!

This is only a suggested list. You may feel the need to bring more or less. It is a good idea to coordinate the amount of supplies you intend to bring. Talk to your classmates and try to each bring something that everyone can share. Many supplies, such as toiletries, can be purchased at the local store.

Remember, you have to carry your luggage! You will be allowed one bag to check for your own items along with a carry-on. You will then be responsible for one additional item of what is “community” property, and that includes your drafting supplies and materials. You are only allowed 70 pounds all together.

Also, travel with essentials in case your luggage is delayed.

CLOTHING (layers are the best option)
• pants (3-4 light cotton or nylon; jeans stay wet)
• shorts (2)
• T-shirts (3)
• long-sleeve shirts (4)
• sweater/sweatshirt (hooded perhaps, fleece)
• hat (to protect from sun)
• 1 pair rainpants/windpants
• hiking boots (waterproof)
• durable walking shoes / dayhikers
• undergarments
• socks (+5; some heavier for hiking)
• rain jacket (waterproof)
• slippers/mocasins (for home & Institute; outdoor shoes cannot be worn)
• 1 set dress clothes for presentation
• 1 set neat, casual clothes to wear in evenings or in San Jose
• swimsuit

• umbrella
• flashlight (the sun goes down early!)
• tickets & passport; with xerox copy of passport and airline tickets stored separately
• day bag / bookbag (to carry water, clothes, camera, etc.)
• towels–beach & bath
• music
• sunblock (SPF 15 or higher. Remember that Monteverde is only 10degrees from the equator!)
• sunglasses
• bug spray; repellent
• camera (digital or film)
• binoculars
• water bottle
• watch and/or travel alarm
• sewing/repair kit
• Spanish-English pocket dictionary
• Costa Rica travel guide
• favorite toiletries (many can be purchased in Monteverde, but bring your own if you are particular)
• prescriptive medicines
• medicines–allergy, cold, Tylenol, Imodium AD, diarrhea, motion sickness, anti-itch creams, bandaids & other first aid
• extra eyeglasses, contacts & related
• pocketknife (must be checked with baggage)
• playing cards
• pictures of home and/or family

• laptop with required software
• external hard drive(s)
• at least two flash drives
• drawing tools: pencils, colored pencils, markers
• scales–metric & imperial
• notebook/binder
• notebook paper
• calculator
• reference books, if desired

• credit cards–mostly Visa in Monteverde
• cash–remember to save $30 in order to get back into the United States; also, enough for taxi fares, admission fees, bus fare, souvenirs, etc.
• traveler’s checks

• colored pencils, markers and paper
• toys
• games–dominoes, cards, etc. (ones that don’t require much English)
• playdoh
• stuffed animals
• lego kits
• bubbles

• fragrances
• tools
• photo albums
• picture frames
• ornaments for the home
• small kitchen items
• foods (tea, nuts, candy, etc.)


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