Monteverde Zone

The Monteverde Zone can be defined as the areas including the town of Monteverde, Cerro Plano, and part of Santa Elena.

To reach Monteverde, one must survive a long, winding, rocky road that is either muddy or dusty depending on the season. Although rump-numbing, the ride is part of the experience and part of the reason why the area has remained undeveloped for so long. Once near the top, one must pass through the towns of Santa Elena and Cerro Plano to reach Monteverde. Santa Elena gives the feeling of a real town as it has paved streets, a church, and even a couple of supermarkets. Cerro Plano is much smaller and almost a suburb to Santa Elena. It has a smaller market, a school, and it is in Cerro Plano where one first notices the hotels and tourist attractions related to the area. The bucolic town of Monteverde lies further up the road, across the Maquina creek. Monteverde relays no imagery of being a town as it consists of sprawled buildings along the major road leading to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve (MCFP).

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