Each student is required to take Spanish.

Taught by native Spanish speakers, this course offers Spanish conversation skills using the Communicative Approach to Language Acquisition. This is a participatory curriculum focused on comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will be assigned to beginning, intermediate or advanced section based on speaking ability at the beginning of the term. In addition students will participate in a homestay program specifically designed for members of the program. This is the “immersion” part of the course. Living with a Costa Rican family will be probably one of the most intensive experiences you’ll have. Learn about your family, enjoy them, and share with them. They have opened their home to you.

1. Attendance is mandatory for each course meeting.
2. Students are to complete daily reading and writing assignments.
3. Students are required to participate in in-class and occasional out-of-class activities.
4. Students are strongly encouraged to practice speaking with their homestay families.
5. Students are required to take an oral / written exam at the conclusion of the semester.

Students will be evaluated based on class participation, written and auditory comprehension, verbal fluency, and writing ability. Evaluations reports will be prepared by native Spanish-speaking instructors of the Monteverde Institute, and submitted to course faculty.

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