Population: about 3500 people
Location: 4500 feet above sea level

The country of Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus between Nicaragua and Panama. The size of Costa Rica is roughly compared to West Virginia. Costa Rica is well known because it boasts a collage of natural habitats, and holds five percent of the world’s biodiversity in only three and a half hundredths of a percent of the earth’s surface.

The town of Monteverde is a community in the TilarĂ¡n Mountain Range on the Continental Divide. Its economy is driven by ecotourism of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve (MCFP), that holds a rare habitat with unique species of plants and animals. The main attractions are the birds, especially the quetzal. The continuing struggle is to sustain the environment which is the source of its economy, ecotourism. However, recent growth threatens the critical unprotected habitat.

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