Easwaran J Narassimhan

Fellow and Coordinator, Climate Policy

Dr Easwaran J Narassimhan works on green industrialisation and energy transition in emerging economies. He has previously worked on identifying pathways for socio-economically gainful deep decarbonization in India, employment and economic implications of a low-carbon transition, and the role of carbon pricing in an energy transition. He holds a PhD in International Affairs from The Fletcher School, Tufts University.


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SFC Perspectives on Adaptation and Resilience, Climate Policy, Energy Transitions, and Environmental Governance and Policy


19 March 2024

SFC Perspectives are intended to stimulate discussion by providing an overview of key issues and avenues for action to inform India's sustainable development trajectory.

SFC Perspectives

Climate Policy

Perspectives on Climate Policy: Embedding a development-centric, climate-ready approach to policymaking

Aman Srivastava, Easwaran J Narassimhan and Navroz K Dubash

18 March 2024

The Climate Policy group within SFC approaches policy challenges through a strategic lens, aiming for long-term structural change by shifting discourse, building stronger institutions, and aligning conditions for implementation.

Journal articles

Climate Policy

Strategies for green industrial and innovation policy–an analysis of policy alignment, misalignment, and realignment around dominant designs in the EV sector

Easwaran Narassimhan, Zdenka Myslikova et al.

7 December 2023

This paper explores which combination of technology-push and demand-pull policies best situates a country to lead in clean energy innovation, as new or dominant designs emerge and replace older technologies. A new analytical framework for green industrial policy is applied to BEV drivetrain technology to examine the use of policy alignment and misalignment by countries with big automakers as they pursue strategic green industrial policy.

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